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Canadiens Look to Extend Monahan on Unique 1-Yr Contract

The Montreal Canadiens have a decision to make regarding Sean Monahan. A unique one-year deal might be the best option.

The Montreal Canadiens were hoping forward Sean Monahan would play well enough for them this season that they could flip him at this season’s NHL Trade Deadline and get another first-round pick. On paper, the idea was sound, especially after Monahan started out strong. Unfortunately, hanging onto the player too long and injuries derailing his season means that the Canadiens will have to push off this plan.

As it stands now, if the Canadiens want to circle back on this idea and try again in 2023/24, they’ll need to get Monanhan signed to a new deal and Marco D’Amico of Montreal Hockey Now has an interesting idea as to how GM Kent Hughes might accomplish that.

Sean Monahan Montreal Canadiens NHL
Sean Monahan Montreal Canadiens NHL

He writes that the Canadiens will probably look to re-sign the forward on a one-year extension that is full of bonuses. If he was brought back with a $2 million salary and $2 million in potential bonuses, D’Amico writes, “the Canadiens to easily fit him within their salary structure for now, and possibly deferring his performance bonus hits (should he meet them) to the following season; as the Canadiens will likely be using LTIR next season as well.”

Under the rules of the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), a player who has played 400 or more games in the NHL and spent 100 or more days on Injured Reserve (Or Long-Term Injury Reserve) in the last year of their contract, is eligible. That means Monahan qualifies and if he’s agreeable to it, the player and the team can find interesting common ground to give him another run in the NHL while also making him an attractive asset that could be of value to the Canadiens during the season and at the deadline.

In other words, a bonus-heavy contract for Monahan could make him an attractive trade piece if he’s playing well next season and becomes an inexpensive rental. That would be the case because the Canadiens could absorb the bonus hits via next-season carryover, and trade him to a contender for a solid return. To that team, Monahan is a $2 million player and with salary retained, an even better bargain.

The trick for the player is staying healthy, which is something he’s had trouble doing.

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