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Rask Makes Hilarious Empty Net Mistake, Also Makes Save of the Year

Tuukka Rask almost makes a huge mistake going to the Bruins bench for an extra attacker when the game was tied. Also makes huge save.

Tuukka Rask was both a hero and the butt end of a hilarious set of circumstances on Wednesday night game as the Boston Bruins pulled out a 3-2 victory over the New York Rangers. He made what might be the save of the year, yet in the same game, almost pulled what could have been the craziest gaffe of the season.

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With the score tied 2-2 late in the third period of tonight’s game between the Bruins and Rangers, Rask elected to pull himself by heading to the Bruins’ bench for an extra man. The only problem was the Bruins weren’t down a goal. The game was tied at two and the Bruins weren’t looking for a quick marker to even the score.

Rask admitted after the game that he thought the score was different than it was, but was lighthearted about the whole thing. He said, “We’re in the entertainment industry… I hope people got a good laugh.” He added, “I just had to tell something to Jaro real quick.” Saying, he wasn’t too concerned while everyone else was sort of freaking out, “I wasn’t panicking at all, I was more laughing actually…I’m sure people were shocked at first but hopefully got a good laugh out of it.”

Head coach Bruce Cassidy joked and said, “You’d think he has access to the scoreboard.”

Huge Tuukka Rask save Boston Bruins

Rask Had A Lot of Leash to Make a Mistake

It was easy to joke about the whole thing because the Bruins ended up winning the game. Brad Marchand scored in overtime to seal it for the Bruins. Not only that, but Rask made a critical save during the second period of game that kept Boston in it. Had it not been for that save, overtime wouldn’t have been needed.

Even if the Bruins had lost, it would have been extremely difficult to say it was Rask’s fault. He made 33 saves on the night and was a huge factor in the outcome of the game.

Thank goodness it all worked out like it did. Now, it’s a funny moment instead of a mistake that cost the Bruins a point.

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