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Detroit Red Wings

Bobby Ryan Prepared for Trade, Prefers to Remain With Red Wings

Bobby Ryan says he’s prepared for a trade from the Detroit Red Wings but would prefer to stay with the team past this season.

Despite the fact the Detroit Red Wings are team undergoing a rebuild and despite the fact Bobby Ryan likely doesn’t have a lot of years left to play in the NHL, he’s not eager to be moved by a struggling team he signed a low-cost, one-year deal with.

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Ryan discussed the rebuild in Detroit with Helene St. James of the Detroit Free Press and noted that he’s aware of his specific situation. He’s enjoying his experience with this team and sees “they are building something.” He knows the results aren’t immediate and as such, he understands there’s a good chance he could be moved.

Ryan is prepared to be dealt before the trade deadline and he’s heard whispers of a deal. Still, he’s not going to do anything other than try to help the team win now. If he’s moved, he understands. If he isn’t, he’s very much ok with that too.

Ryan said:

“When I signed, I knew that was going to be a possibility. If I came in and played well, it would be a win-win situation. Possibly for me it’d be an opportunity to go somewhere and be in a playoff race, and for the team to get an asset. I understand the business side of that thing.

Bobby Ryan Detroit Red Wings
Bobby Ryan Detroit Red Wings

Ryan Would Love to Stay

Ryan noted that talked with GM Yzerman about what this year might look like for himself personally and both sides agreed to talk trade later if it came to that. It doesn’t sound like either side has had the conversation to date.

“You take it with a grain of salt until Steve or your agent comes you and tells you exactly what’s happening,” he said. But, he wanted it to be known that if the option were to stay, or be traded and come back, he’d like to. He’s really grown fond of Detroit, playing with the organization and has no desire to leave.

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