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Auston Matthews Vs. Connor McDavid: Who’s Having the Best Season?

The Maple Leafs Auston Matthews could score 50 goals: the Oilers Connor McDavid could score 100 points. Which would be the toughest to reach?

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have by far the best goal scorer so far during the 2020-21 season – that’s Auston Matthews. The Edmonton Oilers have the leading NHL point leader – that’s Connor McDavid. 

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What’s especially interestingly is that they are having incredible seasons within one of the most difficult contexts in which any season has been played – COVID-19. Because of the impact of the virus, the NHL season has been both condensed and shortened. 

That essentially means that these two young players are having the best seasons in memory during one of the most difficult seasons in memory. 

Auston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs
Auston Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs

Matthew’s is on pace for 50 goals in 56 games. McDavid is on pace to reach 100 points in the same 56 games. First, is that even possible? Second, is that pace sustainable? Finally, should both players do it, which would be the more impressive feet – scoring 50 goals or scoring 100 points?

Breaking Down the Two Different Goals

That’s the topic that Jesse Fuchs and Justin Bourne discuss in the video below. Both speak together about which feat would be more impressive this season – Auston Matthews scoring 50 goals or Connor McDavid scoring 100 points.

Justin Bourne is asked to make a case for awarding the Hart Trophy to one of these two players, based upon the relative strengths and impressiveness of their potential accomplishments. 

About Matthews Reaching 50 Goals in 56 Games?

Bourne notes that supporting Mathews for the Hart Trophy should he reach the 50-goal total isn’t really that tough a sell. In fact, reaching 50 goals in 56 games has been done only four times during the past 30 years. It’s that rare. 

McDavid vs Matthews

In addition, Bourne makes the legitimate case that this season – because of the unique circumstance of packing so many games in so few days – the season is both shortened and condensed – makes it even that much more difficult. There’s just not the rest between games or the practice needed to hone skills and teamwork.

As a result, Bourne thinks it’s “mind-blowing” that Matthews has a chance to accomplish that goal. He also reminds us that the other times the goal of 50 goals in 56 games was accomplished were during a time when goal scoring was up for all NHL teams. Times are different now.

Oh, by the way, Bourne doesn’t believe Matthews will make his goal.

About McDavid Reaching 100 Points in 56 Games?

Bourne also believes that McDavid’s 2.4 points-per-game pace is unbelievable. Doing the math, Bourne notes that to reach 100 points in a 56-game schedule, McDavid has to average 1.79 points-per-game over those games. And that pace is almost as rare as the 50 goals in 56 games. It’s only been done six times during the same 30 years.

Connor McDavid Edmonton Oilers
Connor McDavid in his Edmonton Oilers retro jersey

Should McDavid be able to average that number of points-per-game, it would probably also mean that his Edmonton Oilers would finish first or second in the North Division standings.

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So, If Matthews Gets 50 Goals and McDavid Gets 100 Points, Who Wins the Hart Trophy?

During the video, Fuchs finally puts Bourne on the spot. If he had the deciding vote for the Hart Trophy and both those players reached their marks, who should be awarded the prize?

Bourne admits that, to him, it’s harder to score the 50 goals, which would make Matthews the winner of the Hart Trophy.

Interesting discussion.

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