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Blues to Stand Firm With Alex Pietrangelo Despite Cap Rumors

Will the St. Louis Blues be willing to up their offer to Alex Pietrangelo if the salary cap rises? It doesn’t sound like it.

Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic was asked the following question by a reader:

Does the projected increase in the upper limit of the salary cap help or hurt the Blues when it comes to re-signing Pietrangelo? It gives the Blues more room, but it also gives everyone else more space. — Robert

Rutherford’s answer was interesting.

Knowing the value of Pietrangelo to the St. Louis Blues organization, Rutherford wrote that even if the salary cap goes up as much as early projections suggest it might, the Blues aren’t likely to change what they’re willing to offer their captain. Even if other teams can pay more to pry him loose, the Blues will likely still offer around $8.5 – $9 million annually.

Rutherford writes, “As far as your point about the cap increase making it easier for everybody to offer Pietrangelo more, that’s a valid point.” And, the Blues won’t be the only team worried about opposing franchises poaching players with newfound money. However, Rutherford notes, “But I think there’s probably only a few clubs that can afford a $10 million AAV for which Pietrangelo would also agree to play.”

There have been some fairly public rumors that Pietrangelo and the Blues haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on his contract but that doesn’t mean he’s up and ready to play for any team that throws eight figures per season at him. Even if he was interested, how much less would Pietrangelo be willing to take to stay in St. Louis? 500K? $1 million?

Rutherford suggests the Blues might be willing to go as high as $9.5M annually, but nothing more.

What If Pietrangelo Shakes Loose?

One of the teams rumored to be interested is the Toronto Maple Leafs. That said, look at their situation versus the Blues. They have even less money.

If Pietrangelo walks, there won’t be a ton of teams willing to give him everything he wants, not at least without dumping salary first. The Blues might be able to land someone else. And, should they not want to, Rutherford believes the Blues will simply promote Colton Parayko.

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