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Blackhawks and Marc-Andre Fleury Have Mutual Agreement in Place

The Chicago Blackhawks and Marc-Andre Fleury have an agreement in place this season. What exactly is it?

As per Darren Dreger, there is an understanding — or an agreement, if you will — between the Chicago Blackhawks and Marc-Andre Fleury, that unless he comes to the organization and asks to be moved, he’s not going anywhere. The topic of Fleury’s status came up when Dreger was talking about the veteran netminder as a potential fit in Edmonton, saying he wouldn’t be because of salary-cap concerns.

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Dreger also noted that everyone should pump the breaks on a Fleury deal. Not only is the team a couple of months away from having to make any sort of decision on his future, but Fleury has admitted that he’s not thinking about where he could theoretically play, only that he wants to help the Blackhawks get into the playoffs. That’s good news for Chicago, especially in light of recent news that the team will not be rebuilding and their untouchables heading into the deadline include Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and Seth Jones.

In fact, there is talk that Fleury isn’t against the idea of potentially talking about an extension with the Blackhawks this summer. That will depend, of course, on how the Blackhawks do and if they get into the postseason. As of now, a source is indicating there haven’t been any contract extension discussions yet.

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There Will Be Interested Parties In Fleury

If the Blackhawks don’t get in and he wants to chase another Stanley Cup, the Athletic’s Scott Powers cited two league sources who believe the goaltender could fetch a first-round pick. 

While Dreger ruled out Fleury in Edmonton, Powers believes both the Washington Capitals and Edmonton Oilers could come calling. If Edmonton is desperate enough and doesn’t find a better option than Mikko Koskinen, they could move pieces around to make a Fleury deal work.

Many also believe the Pittsburgh Penguins could be in the mix, despite Tristan Jarry playing fairly well this season.

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