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WWE To Make Offer to Kenny Omega?

Is WWE planning to make a huge money offer to Kenny Omega? Moreover, would he accept?

There’s perhaps no one more famous outside WWE than Kenny Omega. A professional wrestler who has made his name on the independent scene, in New Japan, in ROH and wrestling guys like Chris Jericho at WrestelKingdom 12, there is no doubt, he’s a headliner that WWE would love to have in their stable of performers. Until recently, there’s never been a strong indication that Omega and WWE were close to a deal to bring him in. He’s been very vocal about his distaste for the WWE product, he is doing well financially in Japan and he doesn’t believe WWE would know how to use him. None of that may matter if the recent rumors are true.

report by Bryan Alvarez is suggesting the WWE plans to try and convince Omega to overlook all his objections by simply slapping a huge amount of money on the table to sign with them. After landing their new television deals with Fox and NBC Universal, WWE is looking to spend some of that money, and they know, Omega might be a guy worth spending it on.

Alvarez said, “A lot of this depends on how much Kenny Omega is committed to. Is he committed to stay through the Tokyo Dome and that’s it? He’ll entertain offers from WWE which will have so much money that he’ll go… listen I don’t know they’re going to offer the guy but I would be very very surprised if they didn’t offer enormous deals to Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks.”

Alvarez has also suggested WWE is looking at the Young Bucks which would be a huge coup for the company in their tag team division. They may be the most popular tag team in the world, inside or outside WWE.

The question becomes, would Omega view taking a WWE deal as “selling out?” He would have to explain to his legion of fans why he was so quick to bash WWE only to accept a deal from them. It also stands to reason New Japan won’t let him go without a fight. They too have some money to spend and Omega is one of their biggest stars.

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