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WWE Rumor Buzz: Mysterio, Lesnar vs. Reigns, A WWE Network Riff and More

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns is out, Jeff Hardy is hurt and WWE still wants Rey Mysterio plus more…

As we always do, in our daily look at WWE rumors and speculation about the world of professional wrestling, we’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to providing the most up-to-date news, rumors, buzz and innuendo about your favorite stars.

There is speculation that Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns is potentially a no-go for launch, Jeff Hardy is hurt (again), WWE still wants Rey Mysterio, Something Else to Wrestle With’s Conrad Thompson might be pissed at the WWE.

Here are the biggest rumors in WWE this week.

Lesnar vs. ? at SummerSlam

The match that everyone is sick of, has apparently tired out the WWE bookers too. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns was supposed to be the company’s meal ticket for over a year and while WWE did milk it for all it was worth, it sounds like they have decided to scrap the idea of these two in another match at SummerSlam. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that match is not a given and we believe the spot is being moved over to either Seth Rollins or Braun Strowman.

If Seth Rollins, he’ll need to drop the Intercontinental Title. if Braun Strowman, that’s the easy choice since he’s not currently active in a feud and his win over Lesnar would be believable. In fact, it likely should have happened some time ago. WWE has clearly lost confidence in Reigns vs. Lesnar and it is believed they are planning for Lesnar’s exodus from the company.

Jeff Hardy Injured

Jeff Hardy - WWE


As we reported earlier and according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jeff Hardy may be out of action again, this time the United States Champion has a pinched nerve in his hand that has him experiencing finger numbness. No word on how much time he might miss. If significant, expect WWE to set up an angle that will allow him to drop the title while he recuperates. If minor, he might simply need more rest and he’s not scheduled to be at Money in the Bank anyway.

Rey Mysterio and WWE Still Talking

Rey Mysterio Return to WWE?


What’s taking the WWE and Rey Mysterio so long to come together? Well, a deal is in the works and that one hasn’t been made yet is not for a lack of trying. The new rumored date might be later in September after Mysterio finishes his commitments to the indie promotions he said he’d work with over the summer.

The WWE Universe is excited to see him come back and it seems WWE wants him too but Mysterio is doing so well for himself outside WWE, he’s in no real rush.

Something Else to Wrestle With Having Hiccups

Are the hosts of Something Else to Wrestle With, Conrad Thompson and Bruce Prichard having some issues already? This could be us looking to closely at things but it’s possible they’ve run into some issues with WWE that are souring the relationship before it really gets going. At first it was about the hosts doing a show on ECW but being able to keep their take on the subject without much editing or whitewashing. That saw the show delayed. Now, the two sides are trying to work together and with Anthem Sports to get footage of AJ Styles in TNA. Things could be going a lot more smoothly.

It’s likely things will work out fine and the hosts stand to lose a lot if WWE bails but it’s starting to show how these creative sides might be butting heads.

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