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World Junior Championships

Custom Bauer Skate Designs for the World Juniors Leaked

Bauer has come up with some custom skate designs for the World Junior Championships and those designs were leaked online.

After seeing the new designs for the player’s skates that will be a part of the World Junior Championships in late December, it’s amazing the NHL hasn’t taken a closer look at this idea and let players run with it. Goalies do it with their masks, there’s no good reason a player shouldn’t be able to do so with their skates.

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TSN’s Bardown revealed on Friday that the custom skates designs for the countries taking part in the WJC had been leaked. All eight countries — Canada, the United States of America,  Sweden, Finland, Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic and Norway — have a design and the debate on social media about which design looks the best has close to a few hundred comments since the photos were leaked. That said, they all look pretty cool.

It was not made clear if Bauer would be releasing these skates to the public to be purchased or if this was just a marketing play. Either way, it comes at a good time as a few big names were revealed this week as not being released to the tournament from the NHL and the WJC needed some good news.

NHL Should Jump On This

As for why the NHL hasn’t thought of this before, the obvious answer seems to be that not every player wears the same brand, therefore the players wearing Bauer skates might be the only ones who could go this route. Still, one would think if there is a demand for it among players, the other skate manufacturers would find a way.

It’s a small thing, but if the NHL is looking for additional ways to make money as the losses pile up, this could be something.

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