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Tyler Myers Has Interesting Take 48 Hours After Hit on Canadiens Armia

Tyler Myers was asked about his hit on Joel Armia and he had an interesting take on how things played out with the NHL and the Canadiens.

After the Vancouver Canucks lost their second of two games against the Montreal Canadiens, most reporters were still thinking about the first game, one in which defenseman Tyler Myers laid a heavy hit on Joel Armia. It was a hit that earned Myers a 10 minute penalty and was reviewed by the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, but no supplementary discipline was handed out.

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Takes on the ruling by the DOPS have varied among media, fans and NHL insiders, but Myers was asked after the rematch with the Habs for his thoughts on the play. He had an interesting answer.

It might not be surprising that he agreed with the NHL that his hit wasn’t dirty. After all, no player in their right mind is going to say ‘Yeah, the NHL got that wrong and I got away with one.’ But, after saying he thought it was a clean hit, he admitted, “I think you could make the argument that it was a little unnecessary given the status of the game and the time of the game but that’s the reason I said yes last night.”

What Myers is referring to was the fight he accepted with Joel Edmundson. Before the game and during warmups, Edmundson — who also happens to be a good friend of Myers — asked him if he was prepared to answer for the hit. Myers said yes and the two got their scrap out of the way early.

It Was The Right Time to Fight

Some will say the fight wasn’t needed if Myers felt the hit was clean. Some will also suggest pre-determined fights aren’t great for the game. At the same time, that tilt calmed the game down and there was no dirty or cheap plays made after that. Both teams got down to the business of trying to play hockey.

Myers said, ” I have a lot of respect for Eddie for doing what he did.” Myers went on to explain that he didn’t intend to hurt Armia and explained his point of view of the hit, but said, “At the end of the day, we took care of it last night.”

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