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Treliving Introduced as GM of Maple Leafs, Says “Clock is Ticking”

Brad Treliving answered questions about the “core four”, Sheldon Keefe and the team direction when introduce as Maple Leafs new GM.

In front of a packed house, Brad Treliving was introduced officially as the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday. Media welcomed him but didn’t waste time getting into the matters at hand for the team, especially when it comes to the “core four” which includes Auston Matthews’ contract issues, or the status of head coach Sheldon Keefe.

The first question was if he’s had a chance to talk to Auston Matthews. “I’ve had a chance to communicate with a few players, with Auston via text.” “We’re not going to get into any public discourse about contracts.” He said getting to Auston is a priority. On his agenda first was meeting with Matthews and talking about where things are at.

Treliving says “…we’re prepared to get after it.” Also said he’s had a chance to speak to Sheldon Keefe and he is also a priority. “It’s a bit of a unique situation.” Said his view is that he needs to work with him and get to know him.

When asked about potentially trading one of the “core four”, he’s excited he’s got really good players. “We will look at all things”, but he’s not coming in to make a statement. Not trying to make a headline. It’s not about 4 players, it’s about 23 guys in the organization.

Shanahan says the change wasn’t because he was “suddenly feeling pressure.” He’s always felt pressure and that’s part of the job. This is about what the team can do to become better.

When asked if Treliving can be involved in the NHL Entry Draft. Shanahan says there were some restrictions imposed by the Calgary Flames but that he wouldn’t go into those details.

Brad Treliving Toronto Maple Leafs
Brad Treliving Toronto Maple Leafs

When asked if he regretted the Matthew Tkachuk trade Treliving said, “It was unique”. Reminded everyone that Matthew came to the team and said, “It’s time for me to move and I’m not looking to sign long-term”. Treliving said there were challenges.

“We never wanted to Matthew Tkachuk.” He said circumstances presented themselves. Time will dictate how all things play out in Calgary with the players they acquired.

When asked about autonomy and whether Dubas had it in Toronto, Shanahan talked about the “good process” in Toronto, but the decision is ultimately made by the GM. Shanahan says that won’t change, hinting Treliving will make the ultimate decision.

Treliving spoke highly of Brandon Pridham and says “he’s one of the very best, if not the best, at what he does.” He just needs to get to know the really talented people past GMs have left behind for him.

When asked about the priorities and his to-do list, he talked about contractual obligations for Matthews, Keefe’s situation, the draft but he’s not willing to say one is more important than the other. “The clock is ticking.”

Shanahan closed the presser by saying he didn’t think the Dubas announcement in Pittsburgh was intentional timing over the Toronto introduction of Treliving. Says he’s happy for Dubas.

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