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Canucks One of Two Teams Interested in Defenseman Travis Hamonic

There are two teams interested in defenseman Travis Hamonic, but it appears the Vancouver Canucks are pushing hard despite no cap space.

There are a few NHL free agents that have yet to sign with an NHL team. Among the names many are waiting on is free agent defenseman Travis Hamonic. A valuable blueliner who could help a few teams, there are some aspects of his signing a new deal that really only make a couple of teams a realistic option.

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While on TSN radio in Vancouver, Bob Marjanovich explained he had heard that both the Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames were interested in Hamonic and said specifically that Canucks head coach Travis Green is really pushing for the Canucks to open up their wallets and add another defenseman — Hamonic being the guy.

The problem for both teams is that they are dealing with cap issues and would likely need to move out salary to make a Hamonic deal possible. Even on a short-term contract, Hamonic would come in at a higher rate than the just-over $1 million the Flames have left. The Canucks, meanwhile, are already over the cap and will only get under it if they put Michael Ferland on LTIR.

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Is It a Matter Of Who Can Clear Space First?

The show notes that both teams are trying to move money around and stated, “I’m hearing that Calgary and Vancouver are in on Hamonic and whoever can clear space will wind up getting Hamonic on a one-year deal.” The consensus seemed to be that the Canucks were leading the way.

When asked if his value has dropped because Hamonic refused to go into the NHL bubble, it wasn’t believed so. That said, Hamonic’s value is down across the board a bit.

Where will Travis Hamonic sign this season?

Canucks Make Sense If Ferland Is Out

Because his value may be down a touch, “It’s going to be a one-and-done in all sense because you’re getting Hamonic at a reduced rate, clearly he doesn’t want to get locked into a two or three year deal where he’s playing below market value,” the host explained.

And, there’s no way the Canucks want anything more than a one-year deal because they have big contracts coming up and need just a year to see where the development is at for some of their younger talent.

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