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Tom Holland (Spider-Man) Can’t Not Spoil The Movies (Video)

Tom Holland, who is about the most adorable Spider-Man that has ever been cast to play the role is about as good at keeping a secret as our kids are at taking the garbage out in the mornings. No matter how easy a task it actually is to do, they just can’t bring themselves to do it.

It’s hard to get mad at Holland too because his big mouth is kind of funny and everytime Benedict Cumberbatch has to stop him from spoiling another piece of the movie Avengers: Infinity War, the entire room including Holland get to laughing because they all know he doesn’t mean it, he just can’t help it. This is the same actor who was given a fake script of the film to make sure he didn’t actually leak anything in advance – that’s how bad he is at this.

In the video below, you can see how often Cumberbatch has to cut his buddy off from spoiling the surprises. It’s like he’s Spidey’s babysitter which is quite fitting for his on-screen character as well since Spider-Man is constantly aching to be treated more like an adult.

The film has a number of scenes where Dr. Strange and Spidey share time together, so it’s no wonder the two were paired up for the press junkets. But, thanks to Twitter user captain*, we get to see a hilarious montage of Holland messing up and Cumberbatch trying to stop him. Not long ago, Holland was also mortified when he realized he’d spoiled part of the movie for an entire audience he thought had seen the film but hadn’t when he showed up to thank fans for watching. The crowd was shocked to see the stars of the film live and right in front of them but potentially more shocked when he spilled the beans about what happens to his character Spider-Man in the film.

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