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Tom Brady Hints He’ll Play Until He’s 45, Maybe Longer

If you think Tom Brady intends to hang up the cleats anytime soon, think again. He could play until he’s 50.

The New England Patriots seem to be all over the news when it comes to the NFL offseason. The latest development, after already hearing rumors of issues between coach Bill Belichick and star quarterback Tom Brady, Julian Edelman’s PED suspension issues, and a rumored trade of tight end Rob Gronkowski is that Brady isn’t going to leave the game anytime soon and if he has his way, maybe never.

ESPN posted an Instagram statement discussing Brady’s desire to keep playing but that he could see a finish date when perhaps he hadn’t before. He said, “seeing that there’s definitely an end coming, sooner rather than later,”  which of course got fans all worked up thinking Brady might be hinting at leaving sooner than expected.

Fans who got themselves in a tizzy need not worry. Brady himself commented on the post writing, “Cuarenta y cinco,” which translates from Spanish to 45.

Really, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Fans who follow Brady know he is a health freak with a new body coach and business partner in Alex Guerrero who is working with him to ensure he can play well into his 40’s. Already 41, to see that Brady thinks he can go to 45 or longer only speaks to how much his partnership with Guerrero has helped him and how his devotion to nutrition and health have extended his NFL career.

And, for those who think Brady’s comment about 45 was just tongue-in-cheek, he once told ESPN’s Ian O’Connor, “If I get there and I still feel like I do today, I don’t see why I wouldn’t want to continue.” and that he would not rule out playing until he’s 50.

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