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Hall Willing to Waive No-Trade, Sabres GM Working on Deal

Taylor Hall says he’s willing to waive his no-move clause if the Buffalo Sabres come to him and ask about a trade before the deadline.

It looks as though the Buffalo Sabres will, in fact, try to move forward Taylor Hall before the NHL Trade Deadline. Multiple reports note that the winger has said he’d be willing to waive his no-move clause to facilitate a trade if the Sabres came to him and asked, while reports from NHL insiders like Darren Dreger note Sabres are making calls to see if there is a taker out there on the market.

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Dreger writes:

The options for Taylor Hall haven’t changed. But, with Trade Deadline fast approaching Kevyn Adams is working on the Sabres options as well. Adams has talked to multiple teams about a Hall trade and safe to assume if the right fit surfaces he will present to Hall/Ferris.

When asked about potentially allowing the Sabres to move him, Hall said, “Yeah, for sure.” He noted this is the toughest stretch of hockey he and most of his teammates have ever been through. But, that doesn’t mean Hall has ruled out re-signing with the Sabres as well. Dreger said during a hit on WGR550, “I talked to his agent 10 minutes ago and they’re still open to the idea of an extension.” In fact, Hall and his agents were surprised that him saying he’d be open to waiving generated so much buzz.

Hall has not been very good this season. He certainly hasn’t been what the Buffalo Sabres were hoping he’d be. In fairness, the Sabres have been worse and there are questions about whether or not Hall’s lack of production has more to do with how bad the team has been or if he’s just not got the same level of production in him as he did when he was a Hart Trophy Winner.

Many are calling for Hall to get out of the Sabres organization as fast as he can. If there’s a trade available and he can go to a contender, he should take the opportunity. He’s been connected to the Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders and even the Toronto Maple Leafs, but only the Islanders really have the room to add his $8 million contract and there is doubt that a team is willing to give up, what could be, a first-round pick to acquire him.

It Might Not Take That

If Adams is actively working the phones and he’s not finding a taker at a high price, one has to wonder what a team could get Hall for. We wrote yesterday that he could potentially be had at a bargain price, but that’s not to suggest he’ll only fetch a third-round pick or some unwanted contract. There’s still value in the player and a team will have to pay to add him. It just might not be as much as people think and any deal will likely include some salary retention.

Pierre LeBrun reports, “Hearing that the initial asking price for Taylor Hall involves a first-round pick… Probably going to be tough to get that in this buyer’s market but it’s the right place to start two weeks out if you’re Buffalo.”

Hall will be an interesting player to watch over the next few days. With the quarantine reduced from a mandatory 14 days to seven, a trade from the United States to Canada is no longer out of the question. He could be moved across the border and in Hall’s case, a one week break from all the losing, with a fresh start on a new team, might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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