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Tavares Sends Message to Leafs Fans and Team After Scary Injury

John Tavares sends message of thanks to Toronto Maple Leafs fans and his team after scary injury vs. Canadiens.

News continues to roll in as it pertains to John Tavares. After taking a nasty hit in Game 1 of the NHL North Division Playoff series with the Montreal Canadiens, Tavares has reached out to fans, medical staff and everyone who has offered their support and were involved in getting him the best care possible.

Tavares posted a message on social media Friday, sending thanks for all the support he’s received over the past 12-24 hours. Saying he’s overwhelmed by the well-wishes and care he’s received, he looks forward to wearing the Maple Leafs jersey again.

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Tavares wasn’t able to give any kind of timeline on a return and there’s not much in the way of news regarding his health. All that is really known right now is that he’s at home after a night in the hospital. Darren Dreger reports: “Good news on Tavares. Told he’s doing well today. Much better. Seems to be going in the right direction.” Elliotte Friedman reports: “Auston Matthews says John Tavares sent a group text last night saying he was doing better.”

One thing that head coach Sheldon Keefe was able to confirm was that Tavares suffered a concussion.

Tavares teammates were clearly concerned about him. Jason Spezza said he stayed close on the ice last night because Tavares was confused but able to pick up his voice. “I just tried to keep him calm.” That Tavares seems to be feeling a little better and is doing ok is great news.

As many have said, some things are just bigger than hockey. That Tavares is already talking about returning one day to help his team is one of the better case scenarios that could have come out of a collision that was so horrific. Things did not look good and while it’s too early to know what his immediate future looks like, that he’s thinking long-term about playing is a fantastic sign.

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