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Supreme Court Rules Sports Gambling Legal In New Jersey. Other States To Follow

The Supreme Court ruled to overturn a Federal ban on sports betting. New Jersey and Nevada will now allow gambling on games like NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB and the question is, how will this affect games, fans and team owners?

It was ruled today by the Supreme Court of the United States of America to overturn a Federal ban on sports betting, making it legal in states like New Jersey and eventually Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York and others who are expected to follow New Jersey’s lead sooner than later. While New Jersey and Nevada are the only two states where it is now legal to bet on MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL games (among other sports) it’s hard not to see how huge this is for all sports and sports fans who like to invest in the action.

Social media lit up with people discussing the news. Many are ecstatic about the idea of getting to enjoy their games by betting on the action and now do so legally. Prior to Monday, if fans were betting outside of Nevada — and they were to the tune of about $150 billion per year — it could change how they watch the games and eventually, how sports leagues and franchises present them. The immediate reaction was that sports leagues were not elated but some are already understanding this could mean a lot more money in the long-term.

The question now is, how will this affect everyday fans? What would it mean for games? How would the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and others respond? Are the outcomes of games going to be tainted? Will players be tempted to play differently? None of these question, as absurd as they may sound are off the board now.


While some fans will love how it allows them to immerse themselves in the game more and sports news and media sites are sure to find more traffic as a result, there are many that think this news could mean opening a new door to online gambling addictions, and issues with the presentation of sporting events down the road.

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