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”Source” Denies Rumor Draisaitl Leaving Oilers For Team Out East

A false rumor surfaced about Leon Draisaitl leaving the Edmonton Oilers for an Eastern Conference team. The source of that rumor denies it.

A rumor surfaced this week that suggested an inside source close to Leon Draisaitl was told the center intended to leave the Edmonton Oilers at the end of his contract. The rumor added that Draisaitl intended to jump ship for an Eastern Conference team. A report by Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now included the following:

“Speaking recently on BPM Sports, 91.9 FM in Montreal, former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque reported that Draisaitl is interested in playing for the Boston Bruins if he does not sign an extension with the Edmonton Oilers.”

While it’s not clear what the future holds for the Oilers and Draisaitl, it is known that Edmonton would like to keep the German star in the fold. It adds:

“Someone well placed within the Oilers organization said that if the Oilers don’t go deep in the playoffs, he doesn’t see Draisaitl re-signing at the end of his deal and that he’d prefer to be a first-line center in Boston,” the former Oilers enforcer said.”

When asked whether on social media if the reports Laraque saying this was made up, Laraque responded, “Yes, this is made up!” Laraque is a big Oilers’ supporter and one can assume he has connections to players or sources close to players. But, if he’s directly refuting he said what was quoted, either the story is completely made up, or the words were dramatically taken out of context.

The false report of Draisaitl’s interest in the Bruins comes at an odd time. The Oilers are going into an important Game 6 with the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday night, looking to close out the series. Edmonton is a contender out of the Western Conference and of all times for Draisaitl to be thinking about playing for another team, this wouldn’t be it. So too, his “ride or die” in Connor McDavid is on the Oilers, and choosing to leave for the Bruins — or at least already knowing that’s the long-term plan — is saying goodbye to your best friend two years in advance.

There is certainly nothing to indicate that Draisaitl is unhappy in Edmonton, even if he’s not publicly stated any intention to finish his career with the Oilers. He’s always maintained that he would cross that bridge when the time came but that he wants to finish what he’s started with the Oilers and try to win it all.

Expect More Rumors to Surround Draisaitl Leaving

The Oilers’ star forward is coming up to a point where contact discussions will be around the corner. As often happens with any big-name pending free agent, speculation will run rampant. If the Oilers don’t win the Stanley Cup, those rumors will only intensify.

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As for the Bruins being interested, they certainly would be. They haven’t had a center like Draisaitl in their organization for some time. Whether they could afford to outbid the Oilers or another team and if Draisaitl would even bite is another story altogether.

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