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So Many Questions About Fear The Walking Dead

So many questions left unanswered for Fear The Walking Dead? Why can’t the show just tell us what’s going on?

Fear the Walking Dead took a week off, which — with last weeks cliffhanger — can make a person insane! But I guess it does make me think of a few more questions for the program besides “Will the new fan favorite live?”…..

First off, they are showing the program in an interesting way. Most of it is in flashbacks, which while interesting leaves so much up in the air.

How Much Time Has Passed?

How did they get to the stadium? When Season 3 wrapped up, we could still assume the zombie apocalypse was young. But, now we have the big Morgan crossover. A lot of time has shifted and passed and the main show has been on eight seasons; fans are missing a giant chunk of the Fear story. I like the time jump BUT I need to know what happened. Zombies overtook the world! Last thing we saw was Nick blowing up a dam. There has to be quite a story between that and living peacefully with others in a stadium. Strand even hints Madison saved him somehow. I assume that will be explained more but I am sure there was more that happened than she rescued Strand.

I won’t ask questions of the new characters as it would make sense that this season will explain who they are and where they came from. I think John Dorie is quickly becoming a fan favorite, which is never good on this show! “Laura” was also left off in last weeks cliffhanger., Why is she riding around with the villains? Al is one I don’t trust. When our “heroes” forced John and Morgan to their knees with guns she seemed more interested in filming it than stopping it. I think she may have the most interesting story of all. But hopefully, these questions are answered this season.

Where is Everyone?

Next, where are Daniel, Walker and Crazy Dog? If they are dead and gone just let us know. They were interesting characters and their stories did not feel over. Daniel has been with us since the first season; a supposedly a grumpy old barber who was, in fact, a killing machine. We have seen him die once before so what can we assume about his absence now?

Crazy Dog and Walker are gone too. Last we saw they were beside a bridge being snipers and saving the Clark families lives. Even though the audience had a love-hate relationship with these guys, they were pretty badass, so where are they? If they have been written out, that is fine I guess it is for the show to do, but could you at least let the fans know what is going on?

Same with the Proctors. The last few episodes of the previous season were shaping up to make the Proctors the new big bad villains. They were going to control from Texas to Cali and they just vanished too? Like the Governor or Negan, a really good villain can take a season or two not an episode or two. That really could have been a great story, it actually makes people think. These guys are a motorcycle club, they have laws they live by that have consequences. In an apocalypse, would those laws keep them as a functioning society as the rest of the world fell? They had a golden opportunity here and didn’t take the story. I hate to say it but to me, this is just sloppy writing if it never is addressed.


What Broke Nick?

Before they killed off Nick what broke him? Nick was fearless, he would cover himself in gore and walk right down the middle of a herd. Nothing seemed to scare him at all. He had no problem killing Otto. He used drugs again at the market — meaning he didn’t seem to be a junkie anymore — they even lost power over him. Nothing seemed to stop him. He was willing to blow up a damn he was standing on, to save his family even though it meant suicide for him. Yet he feared to leave the stadium?. Something doesn’t feel right. Something major must have changed him. I hope we get to see that.

Also, I guess Frank Dillane wanted to move on from Fear and that is too bad. He and Lennie James had barely an episode together and it might have been the best episode the show has had. Those two were amazing together in half an hour. Imagine if they had been given a full season.

Where Were Luciana and Madison?

Where was Luciana? She walked away from the Ranch, they didn’t want her kind. So randomly last season she just walked away? I am relieved they brought her back, I thought that might be the worst write out ever someone just walking away but where was she? How did she find Nick again, since they are far from the ranch now?

The last one and maybe they will deal with it soon, but is where is Madison? She is the Rick Grimes of this show. She has been the leader and done what needs to be done good or bad. We are six episodes in and we have yet to see her, except for flashbacks. Now we know Nick was insane with anger before he died, we know they have been driven from their safe place and want revenge on the Vultures, this all seems to point towards Madison being gone. The Vultures having something to do with it. My guess is she isn’t. I doubt they are willing to kill off another main character but could we at least find out what happened?

Do you have any more questions or thoughts on the current season of Fear The Walking Dead? New episodes start again this Sunday, June 3rd on AMC.

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