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San Jose Sharks Shopping For First-Round Pick, Big Moves Rumored

Are the San Jose Sharks going to have to do something drastic to get back the first-round pick Doug Wilson is rumored to be seeking?

By the time fans see the NHL Trade Deadline come and go, there will have been an assortment of trades. Some will be one-for-one deals, most will be rentals for futures and some will be salary dumps that allow one team to improve in the now while another potentially improves down the road.

And, while it happens, it’s not always common to hear about a team actively going after first-round picks and being the aggressor in a trade to acquire it. Such is rumored to be the case with the San Jose Sharks who are actively trying to acquire a first-round pick.

Sharks general manager Doug Wilson moved a first-round pick to Ottawa when the team traded acquired defenseman Erik Karlsson. It wasn’t a big deal at the time because the Sharks were alwasy considering Stanley Cup contenders whose first-round pick would fall somewhere between 20 and 30th. But, as the Sharks fall down the standings, a first-rounder is starting to look more attractive.

And, considering the Sharks don’t have a pick (the Senators have theirs), he’s actively trying to get one back. To make matters worse, the Sharks aren’t exactly a young team. A young, talented prospect would go a long way.

Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch writes that Wilson is “embarrassed” about the trade that sent his first-round selection out of town. And, with the teams top free-agent rentals being Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, Melker Karlsson, Brenden Dillon, Stefan Noesen, Tim Heed, Radim Simek and goalie Aaron Dell, he’s not likely able to move any of those players to get it back.

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Are Major Changes Coming in San Jose?

If his free agents won’t land him a first-rounder and he’s looking to sell but has big contracts that not everyone will want or be able to afford, could massive changes be coming in San Jose?

Could the dreaded “R” word be in their future? A rebuild might not be out of the question if the team is stuck with contracts, has few young prospects and anyone they can move won’t fetch much. Perhaps Wilson lets deals expire, tries to move expensive pieces like Evander Kane, Marc-Edouard Vlasic, Burns, Karlsson or Martin Jones and starts again.

That would be drastic but when seasons go as badly as they have for the Sharks, stranger things have happened.

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