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Rusev Picks Up Shocking Win Over Daniel Bryan

Rusev will be moving on to Money in the Bank while fans will be asking what’s next for Daniel Bryan?

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On Tuesday’s edition of SmackDown Live, Rusev picked up a shocking and clean win over one of the hottest WWE Superstars in the company in Daniel Bryan. With a pathway to the Money in the Bank ladder match on the line, and after weeks of WWE ignoring Rusev’s popularity, WWE finally gave The Bulgarian Brute the big win he was looking for, but did so over the one guy fans may love even more.

Bryan won’t be advancing on but Rusev Day will be, meaning fans will be torn and the WWE Universe will be asking why the company chose to go this route?

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Having Daniel Bryan lose at this stage of his comeback is going to be a decision that is highly criticized by many wrestling fans. And, to have it be against a WWE Superstar the company has largely been ignoring despite his popularity for months make the decision even more intriguing.

There are potential reasons for the booking, including selling how hard the road has been for Bryan since his comeback, how they wanted to keep him out of the same ring as The Miz until they can have a one-on-one match or WWE simply sticking it to the fans who have been quite vocal about their displeasure of recent WWE ideas. Whatever the reasoning behind Bryan losing, WWE will now have the responsibility of making sure it doesn’t hurt his momentum and taking advantage of the momentum this creates for Rusev.

This is a huge moment for Rusev and Rusev Day and his fans will be elated to see WWE actually giving them what they’ve been begging for. The only downside is, it comes at the expense of a guy almost everyone in the WWE Universe loves with a passion.

Fans can only hope the company knows what they’re doing and that this decision isn’t going to come back to haunt them.

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