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Latest on Rumors of a GM Change for the Edmonton Oilers

There are rumors surfacing that Ken Holland might be promoted and Steve Staois hired as the next GM of the Oilers. Is it true?

A report earlier this week from Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli noted that the Edmonton Oilers could make a change in the general manager position. Ken Holland is going into the final year of his current contract with the team and there is talk he could be promoted, while the organization also has their sights set on hiring a former Oiler and popular executive on his way up, Steve Staois.

The Oilers were eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday and the players held their exit media meetings. Interviews with the head coach and possibly Ken Holland are expected to follow and happen on Wednesday. A question likely to be asked during those interviews is the status of Holland’s deal with the team and what his future might be. Seravalli noted that the Oilers might move Holland up to the position of President and bring in Staois to be the new GM.

Steve Staois Ken Holland GM Oilers
Steve Staois Ken Holland GM Oilers

Seravalli explained:

“When you consider what is looming out there in other searches, I expect the Oilers to be very proactive and protective of Steve Staios. He is someone they value, and they have a thin staff as it is. The Oilers see Staios as their next general manager, and how quickly that happens will depend on a few things.”

He added that if Micheal Andlauer is the successful bidder to purchase the Ottawa Senators, Staois would be high on Andlauer’s list and the Oilers want to get ahead of any potential move of Staois to Ottawa. During his media avail today, Holland said he will be back as GM next season, the final year of his contract. He also noted, “I think Steve (Staios) should do more of the things an assistant GM does.” He noted, “It would help me and be good for Staois in his career.”

Could Holland Be Active in His Final Season as GM?

Elliotte Friedman added a recent 32 Thoughts: The Podcast episode that big things are expected from Holland this summer, especially as it pertains to the roster and trying to get them over their playoff hurdles. He noted, “It’s the last year of Ken Holland’s current contract, 5-year deal, and I think this could be his final year too.”

He added that he didn’t think the uncertainty of his future with the team as the GM would affect his decisions to make deals, but that he would be active. “I don’t think he’s going to push all his chips in because it’s probably going to be his last year. I think he pushes them all in cause I think he recognizes the team is good enough to win.”

Most of the core is coming back to the Oilers next season as all of their big stars are still locked into their current deals. Any moves will probably be to round out the roster and bring in players to accentuate the core.

For what it’s worth, TSN’s Ryan Rishaug posted that he had a brief chat with Bob Nicholson who said he is not stepping down from his position as Chairman, contrary to some speculation.

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