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Ronda Rousey Admits She’s Proud To Be A “Doomsday Prepper”

Ronda Rousey may have been one of MMA’s best female athletes and she may currently be one of WWE’s biggest stars, but she’s also a person who believes the end of the world is coming and when it does, she’ll be ready.

When Rousey isn’t making the rounds with her new professional wrestling family, she’s at home with husband Travis Browne on a large acreage in Southern California making preparations for what she feels will be an inevitable apocalypse. She lives a simple life away from most modern technologies and conveniences and while she could afford to buy almost anything she could ever want, chooses instead to live simple, fending off the land and knowing that one day she’ll have the tools to outlast those who thought every grocery store would stay open when the world went to hell in a handbasket.

During an interview with the director of her new film Mile 22, Peter Berg, Rousey told the actor/director, “I am a big doomsday prepper.” That said, she isn’t one who’s scared of what’s to come.  Rousey believes most people who think the end of the world is coming take a doom and gloom approach, ready to pack it in and suggest it was a good run while they had it. Not Rousey, who describes herself as an optimist. “I think of it as a very positive outlook on the world. Some people think it is negative. But I think as a self-proclaimed genetic cream of the crop such as I am, I owe it to humanity to survive the end of the world. It’s my responsibility… Instead of my apocalypse plan being a handle of alcohol and maybe tears, which is a lot of people’s plan, I’m like, I’m going to make it. If anyone’s going to make it, I’m going to make it.”


If you’re wondering what it is exactly Rousey does on this South-Californian property to prep for the end of days, she starts by raising goats, which she calls the “the perfect doomsday animal.” She raises other animals as well, all while trying to maintain a simple yet sustainable lifestyle. “I could buy a whole bunch of things, but what’s luxury to me and freedom to me is being independent and finding a way to live off the land and do no harm, as opposed to buying as many mansions as I can and being on Cribs,” Rousey added.

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Whether or not Rousey’s opinions are popular, she’s not too concerned. One who was always happy to talk social, environmental and economic matters, she knows there’s more to life than money and acquiring material possessions. “I think that self-reliance and independence is real freedom. We forgo our freedom for convenience a lot of the time. It is more important for people to know how to feed themselves than to know how to do trigonometry.”

As society grows more and more dependent on tech and fewer people understand how to provide for themselves, Rousey knows that big corporations are making billions of dollars off of people’s ignorance. She doesn’t want to be stuck thinking that when the world does end, she doesn’t want to have the common skills to live in a world that doesn’t have the things people take for granted today.

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