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Rangers DeAngelo Back in Spotlight Over a ‘Burner’ Twitter Account

New York Ranger defenseman Tony DeAngelo is getting used to becoming a trending topic.

The name Tony DeAngelo seems to attract more and more attention each day. Unfortunately for the New York Rangers, that attention is mostly negative and at some point, if not already, is an unnecessary distraction. The outspoken Rangers defenseman has been somewhat controversial in the past, but it appears to be reaching a new level.

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To be clear, this is a story about Mr. DeAngelo and not his political views. America is a democracy and individuals are free to voice any kind of opinion they like – professional athlete or not.  That said, for whatever reason the New Jersey native used to be a member of Twitter but oddly made the choice to switch over to Parler in early January – around the 6th I think.

Fair enough. Right?

The other side of the coin is that whenever the name Tony DeAngelo comes up, it is near certain to create a stir. So, when he was a Twitter trend on Saturday afternoon, it was a near instinctual reaction to investigate further!

Tony DeAngelo New York Rangers
Tony DeAngelo New York Rangers

The DeAngelo Details

Keep in mind that that this is likely just the beginning of this on-going side show. That said, several Twitter users started tracking a new account (created in January 2021) that was fervently defending DeAngelo. Things quickly morphed into a recent Deadspin article about the alleged DeAngelo ‘burner’ account.

For those not familiar with a ‘burner’, it is a covert account being used anonymously to avoid being traced back to a specific person. In other words, it is alleged to be a New York Ranger fan account that is being run by DeAngelo to defend himself. 

Uh, ya. Crazy stuff.

There are several convincing details that seem to point to a burner account, but we may never actually know.  I hope we do, but until a player admits it, the actual truth rarely presents itself. Regardless, I truly wonder how much longer Rangers GM Jeff Gorton wants to deal with this on-going soap opera. That said, if he wanted to trade him would there even be a market for the now infamous figure? He is a good player, but the distraction likely gets old for executives, coaches, and teammates alike.

Despite the inherent distraction, DeAngelo is on contract through next season (2021-22) at an AAV of $4.8 million after re-signing with New York in the offseason.

Stay tuned for more action as I don’t think this story will go away anytime soon.

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