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Questions in Montreal About Player Playoff Availability

Will the Montreal Canadiens have Max Domi and Jonathan Drouin available for the playoffs?

Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin took to social media on Tuesday and revealed some new information when it comes to some of the players that may or may not be available for the Montreal Canadiens during their playoff run. The Habs are seeded 12th and will play the Pittsburgh Penguins in a best-of-five if the season goes ahead.

Habs Will Get Drouin Back

The good news is that the Canadiens will get Jonathan Drouin back. Bergevin revealed on Twitter today that Drouin will be healthy and active for the team’s playoff series. After playing only 27 games, this could be big news if Drouin can find a fraction of the success he had during the 2018-19 season.

Montreal May Not Have Domi

Unfortunately, the availability of forward Max Domi is unclear. Domi isn’t dealing with an injury, but he is diabetic and that could pose problems in the current climate.

Bergevin spoke to media and noted that there are questions about whether or not Domi will be cleared by medical staff considering the added risks that come with being diabetic during a pandemic.

While Domi has not had any issue with his diabetes in the past, new studies are showing that diabetics will find themselves at a higher risk and should they contract the disease, are 25% more likely to be hospitalized.

Domi has Type 1 diabetes and has been dealing with during his NHL career. The Montreal Canadiens simply don’t want to take any chances that something could happen.

Domi is not the only player with this to worry about. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says the NHL understands some players have health issues including asthma and diabetes. The league will consider what to do with each player on a case-by-case basis if players are uncomfortable returning to play. “We expect players who are able-bodied to be playing,” Bettman said.

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