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Predators Won’t Buy at Trade Deadline, Could Become Big Sellers

According to GM David Poile, the Nashville Predators won’t be buyers, but could become sellers at this year’s NHL Trade Deadline.

Jeff Marek had conversations on his show Wednesday, both with Greg Wyshynski of ESPN and Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet regarding the Nashville Predators, specifically comments GM David Poile made about the status of the team heading into this season’s NHL Trade Deadline. Saying that the team isn’t in a position this year to be a buyer, he’ll have to wait and see how the next few games go to see if the team is going to actively start selling.

That led to discussions about what pieces the Predators might try to move. Friedman didn’t think it would be a big name, but that a player like Dante Fabbro could be moved, while Marek wondered if Mattias Ekholm made sense. Marek went one step further and suggested Ekholm could be a fit for the Edmonton Oilers, who are rumored to be chasing after Erik Karlsson, but Ekholm’s contract makes a bit more sense as a backup option. He’s got three more seasons at $6.25 million per season remaining on his deal and that’s about where the Oilers would like to be on Karlsson.

When it comes to other names from the Predators’ roster, Wyshynski suggested that the Predators made their bed by offering so many long-term contracts and now they have to sleep in it. Most of the guys whose names you might normally hear pop up around the deadline aren’t going to be moved — Matt Duchene and Ryan Johansen have contracts that are way too big to be attractive. Wyshynski suggests that even if the Preds want to become sellers, their roster is likely to remain static.

Will the Predators be able to ship some of their assets out even if their season falls apart? And, if they do, will they be selling those assets for pennies on the dollar?

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