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Pete Prisco’s Picks for the Top Ten NFL Players

Today, Prisco released his Top 100 picks for NFL players. This post will review his Top 10 of those 100 picks.

Pete Prisco is CBS Sports’ Senior Writer. He is controversial – some people think he is on top of his game; others think he is an idiot. Often that definition depends upon whether he likes your team or agrees with you about your favorite players.

Today, Prisco released his Top 100 picks for NFL players. This post will review his Top 10 of those 100 picks.

What do you think? Is he right? Is, for example, Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers better than Patriots’ QB Tom Brady? Should four of his ten top players be Defensive Ends? Here are his picks.

#1: Aaron Rodgers: Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers

Prisco suggests that, when Rodgers is “on,” he is by far the best. The only thing Brady has on Rodgers is the number of Super Bowl rings – and that is a supporting cast issue as much as anything.

#2: Tom Brady: Quarterback for the New England Patriots

What makes Brady so good is not only his record but also, according to Prisco, that he is doing it at age 40. As noted in other posts, that age can be a problem for Patriot team decision-makers. Prisco adds that Brady is the Gold Standard for franchise QBs.

#3: Aaron Donald: Defensive End for the Los Angeles Rams

Donald was named the Defensive Player of the Year. Prisco agrees, and suggests he will even have an even better year this year. The only thing Prisco says Donald lacks is a payday: he should become the highest-paid defensive player in the league.

#4: Von Miller: Outside Line Backer for the Denver Broncos

Prisco calls Miller the game’s best “edge rusher” and suggests Miller is also a player who plays the run exceedingly well. What Miller does best however, as Prisco notes, is that he disrupts games.

#5: Antonio Brown: Wide Receive for the Pittsburgh Steelers

What amazing stats! Brown simply does his job, and Prisco sees no signs of Brown’s slowing down. Expectation? He will lead the NFL in receiving yards again this season.

#6: Jalen Ramsey: Cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars

In a previous post, I asked if anyone knew any player for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Well, according to Prisco, that player should be Ramsey, who is the NFL’s best cornerback. With his size, he can play man or zone and – best of all – Ramsey plays with the swagger of Deion Sanders.

#7: Rob Gronkowski: Tight End for the New England Patriots

For Prisco, Gronkowski is the Gold Standard by which all tight ends should be evaluated. So much for the Patriots – the Gold Standard QB and Tight End – it is a lethal combination for other team’s defensives. The only thing slowing him down on his way to the NFL Hall of Fame are injuries. It will be interesting this year to see how his “sort-of” feud with Bill Belichick will end up. It could be fun!

#8: Khalik Mack: Defensive End for the Oakland Raiders

Pricso suggests watching out for Mack because the Raiders’ new defense might improve help his sack numbers this year. Although last year’s season wasn’t as good as the year before, Mack is still one of the great rush ends in the NFL.

#9: J. J. Watt: Defensive End for the Houston Texans

When Watt is healthy, which he wasn’t last year and is coming off an injury-shortened season, he is (as Prisco notes) a player who can “ruin” any offense. Watch out, because Watt is supposed to be healthy this year.

#10: Cameron Jordan: Defensive End for the New Orleans Saints

According to Prisco, Jordan doesn’t get the credit he deserves as a defensive player. Last year Jordan had 13 sacks and seems to be on his way to another good year. Interesting, Jordan is Prisco’s fourth DE in his Top 10 picks.


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