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Oilers McDavid Gets Unexpected Phone Call

There’s an interesting story coming out this week involving Connor McDavid and a Calgary Flames player.

When you get hurt it sucks. You feel awful. There’s probably no one in any room that feels worse.

Perhaps the only person who feels even remotely as bad as the person being hurt is the person who accidentally hurt you — assuming that person is a decent human being.

Such is the story of Connor McDavid and Calgary Flames captain Mark Giordano.

Giordano wasn’t directly responsible for McDavid getting hurt in the final game of the regular season last year when the Oilers took on the Flames. But, as McDavid drove hard to the net, Giordano was central in how that play unfolded and was not at all happy to know he was involved in the best player in the NHL getting hurt and having to rehab his knee all summer.

As per a report by Ryan Rishaug of TSN, Giordano wasn’t about to just say ‘Oh well’ and move on.

Rishaug posted a video on his Twitter feed saying McDavid was appreciative of Giordano checking in after the injury, but even more appreciative when Giordano followed up just prior to the season starting this year. To know he was on the mind of the Flames’ captain made McDavid feel grateful.

This is not to suggest McDavid held Giordano at all responsible, (McDavid isn’t like that considering he’s now on the same team as Brandon Manning) but the gesture still went a long ways.

McDavid Back in the Oilers Lineup

McDavid will get his second game in the preseason tonight as the Oilers take on the Winnipeg Jets. This is great news for the Oilers who had said earlier that McDavid might not see any preseason action, and if he did, only one game at most. This will by game No. 2. Expect him to have a chip on his shoulder as well considering the Oilers lost to the Coyotes on Tuesday and McDavid didn’t factor in on the scoresheet.

As for Giordano, he’s proving that he is a well-respected guy, a good choice for captain in Calgary and a role model. Maybe he should give Auston Matthews a call. Matthews could obviously use a little leadership after the incident that took place in Scottsdale and he’s catching all sorts of flack for today.

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