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NHL Trade Talk Podcast – Ep. 9: What’s Up With Pierre-Luc Dubois?

On this episode of the podcast, we talk in depth about the drama between the Winnipeg Jets and Pierre-Luc Dubois. What’s going on there?

This episode of the NHL Trade Talk podcast takes a deep dive into the situation in Winnipeg between the Jets and center Pierre-Luc Dubois. There has been plenty of chatter about Dubois looking to sign his way out of the Jets organization by inking short-term deals and walking into unrestricted free agency. If so, is his plan to work his way to Montreal where his agent said he’d like to go? Or, is he simply looking for as much negotiating leverage as possible and that’s the new way of the NHL?

Brooke and Jim try to get into the mind of Dubois and examine his situation from multiple perspectives. Is this a problematic star with a ton of talent? Or, is this a player who recognizes he’s in less-than-ideal situations and he’s using the power of his contract to get to where he wants to go?

Over the 30-plus minutes of the show, we’ll talk how Dubois got to this point, and what is the heart of at his decision-making. Does he have the kind of attitude that will make him someone the Jets want to keep or other teams want to pursue or will he be treated (and has been) treated unfairly by his teams? So too, is the NHL enabling this kind of behavior, and does his switching teams and rumored complaints set a bad precedent for other players and rookies?

Finally, if Montreal doesn’t work out, what other team could he end up on?

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