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NHL To Up Next Year’s Salary Cap By As Much As $7 Million

Bill Daly just told NHL GM’s that the salary cap for next season could jump as much as $7 million.

During the NHL GM’s meetings, it was told to GM’s that the NHL has an early projection for where the salary cap is headed and it looks like the NHL is making a big jump.

According to multiple online reports the NHL will operate with a cap of between $84 – $88 million salary cap for the 2020-21 season.

As TSN’s Frank Seravalli reports, that new NHL cap projection for 2020-21: $84 to $88.2 million, would bump the cap up from current $81.5 million, which is just under $7 million more than they currently operate under. Seravalli points out that this number is dependent on negotiations with NHLPA.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun also tweeted:

Daly also revealed that in CBA negotiations with the NHLPA there has been talk of creating a multi year salary cap number(s) in order to provide more stability and allow teams to better plan ahead….

This is huge for a number of teams who are tight against the cap already and will be even more so next season. A franchise like the Toronto Maple Leafs has to be thanking their lucky stars because it gives them some leg room to work on their blueline, when before this news, there was no telling what they’d have to do. For other teams like the St. Louis Blues, Dallas Stars and Edmonton Oilers, this is also big.

What doesn’t sound like was revealed was the salary cap floor which also has a major impact on how teams operate and moves that get made over the summer. If that number rises as much as the ceiling does, there will a number of trades with teams moving bigger salaries to clubs that just need to hit the floor.

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