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NHL News: Update on Patrick Laine and the Jets

LeBrun notes that there have been teams reaching out to Laine’s camp, though it’s not clear if that is offer sheet or trade interest.

Any time a big-ticket restricted free agent comes to term with their team, fans and media can’t help but examine what that means for other RFA’s that have not yet finalized extensions. When Matthew Tkachuk signed with the Calgary Flames, a lot of people, including Pierre LeBrun turned to what was next for Patrick Laine.

LeBrun recently wrote in The Athletic (subscription required) that the focus between Laine and the Winnipeg Jets has shifted to trying to get terms done on a two-year contract. The teams wants around $6 million per season while Laine’s camp wants $7 million.

LeBrun also notes that there have been teams reaching out to Laine’s camp, though it’s not clear if that is offer sheet or trade interest.

The Latest From LeBrun on Laine

LeBrun wrote:

It’s clear only a bridge deal can end this stalemate, and a two-year deal at that. While we’ve seen all these three-year bridge deals this month, I think the focus in talks between the Jets and Laine’s agent Mike Liut has been on a two-year deal.

source – ‘LeBrun: Matthew Tkachuk’s bridge deal in Calgary, RFA updates and figuring out the Justin Faulk trade- The Athletic – Pierre LeBrun – 09/25/2019

There will be a lot of eyes on the Jets to see if they can’t get Kyle Connor and Laine signed before opening day. If not, how long does this all drag out and where do the Jets go in terms of favorites to compete this season? Once considered a young, up-and-coming team, the Jets have taken a harder hit than most, if not any, team this summer.

There are many who are starting to think this whole thing with Laine is going to end with the goal-scorer being traded. If that happens, the Jets will have done some major overhauling this offseason, much of it not by choice.

At the same time, LeBrun doesn’t believe it would be wise to trade Laine at this juncture since his trade value has never been lower. “His struggles last season are fresh in everyone’s mind.” He added, “I think if I’m Winnipeg, I sign Laine to a two-year deal, see how this season goes, and then reassess the situation next summer.”

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