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NHL Issues Memo To Players About Phase 2 Starting Up

The NHL has issued a memo to players and teams regarding their roll out of Phase 2 and how it will work for everyone involved.

It’s not official, but the NHL has released a memo to all teams and players, noting that their plans geared towards how “Phase 2” will work when they’re ready to move another step closer in their plan to return-to-play. The idea is that this will take place at some point in early June and include small informal workouts (six players at a time), but not include coaches or support staff.

As part of the memo, the NHL details travel arrangements, workouts for players that aren’t in the same city as their teams, families of players who might be travelling alongside the players and more. It includes how teams and players will be compensated and where and how the clubs will create workable living arrangements.

In respect to how the NHL will deal with the medical aspects of the Phase 2 roll out, all players will be tested for COVID-19 two days before starting the workouts, and will then be tested twice a week thereafter. Players returning from other countries will need to go through a 14-day quarantine, this includes from the United States to Canada, not just European travel.

Of course, as the NHL has to do, they’ve left things open-ended so that in the event plans need to change, they can. They note that as the league continues to monitor respective markets the overall timing of Phase 2 might be adjusted.

There’s no hockey yet, but at least everything seems to be inching closer.

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1 Comment


    May 25, 2020 at 3:25 pm

    I think they should just cancel this season they have to go through trades free agency draft start next season on time hopefully

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