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NHL Clears Evander Kane Of Gambling Allegations, New Inquiry Begins

The NHL has issued a full statement on the status of the investigation into gambling allegations against Evander Kane. Saying there was no evidence suggesting said allegations were accurate, the league found no instances where it appeared Kane would have gambled on NHL games, games he was involved with, nor was there any proof he threw games he was playing in.

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The statement reads, in short, they “found no evidence to support those allegations.” Unfortunately for Kane, he is now undergoing a separate investigation for unrelated allegations of potential wrongdoing that were brought to the league’s attention. Those allegations are believed to be from ex-wife Anna Kane (the same person who tried to tell the NHL he was gambling) of sexual assault and multiple instances of domestic battery.

She is claiming there were “numerous other instances of Evander yelling and screaming at me or being physically aggressive toward me during our relationship.” The NHL is likely looking into these allegations.

Evander Kane San Jose Sharks
Evander Kane San Jose Sharks

As for the gambling investigation, the NHL says they looked at social media, public data, and court filings, analyzed sports betting data (from Sportradar), as well as spoke with multiple members of the San Jose Sharks’ roster to come to a decision. What’s interesting about this is that despite the rumored vitriol many of the players have for Kane and speculation that some players absolutely don’t want him back, they seem to have spoken highly of his effort on the ice.

Kane’s Not Out of the Woods

That being cleared of the gambling allegations is great news for Kane, he’s no certainly got a lot more bumpy road ahead. These allegations of sexual abuse are serious and if there’s proof of wrongdoing in that regard, he could face a much bigger consequence than being booted from the NHL.

One has to wonder how much more of this the Sharks can take. They’re believed to be already in the process of trying to trade the player, but it sounds like it’s just one thing after another and even if he’s cleared of everything, more allegations will follow.

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