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Montreal Canadiens’ Carey Price: The Best NHL Goalie According to NHL Players

I’m not sure how I missed this news for two reasons. First, it’s big news; and, second because I’m such a huge Carey Price fan. However, here it is – a month late but still important to share.

In the most recent National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA) poll (reported early in April of this year) selected the best goalie in the NHL. That’s high praise by one’s peers.

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The Vote For Price Was Overwhelming

Price was voted the best goalie in the NHLPA player poll and by an overwhelming vote. He was selected by 41.55 percent (that’s almost half) of the vote of his peers as the best goalie. The next best goalie in the NHL, according to NHL players, was the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Andrei Vasilevskiy who came in at 17.09 percent.

Following, by the way, was the Vegas Golden Knights’ Marc-Andre Fleury, who placed third with 8.93% of the votes, and the Florida Panthers’ Sergei Bobrovsky, who placed fourth with 5.63% of the total votes. All four are franchise goalies, but the best by far – with almost half of the total votes – was Price. Congratulations to him.

The 32-year-old Price usually wins 30 games each season, but this season differs so much because of the COVID-19 virus. He might not – and, in fact, is likely not – to make that mark this season.

The NHL Players Got It Right: Price Is the Real Deal

What an honor for the British Columbia native. But, the players don’t like. If you want poise, consistency, excellent work, and just an all-round being a good guy and teammate, Carey Price is your choice. He has been solid for many seasons now, and he continues to demonstrate those same key qualities season after season.

In fact, this is the second season in a row that Price has earned the top spot – as the NHL’s best goalie – in the eyes of the players that he regularly plays against.

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