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Mike Hoffman Good With 1-Yr Deal, Just Playing Waiting Game

Mike Hoffman’s agent says as many as 13 teams have expressed interest in the forward but need to move money to sign him.

There are a few big-ticket free agents that made it near the top of most insider’s free agent boards. Mike Hoffman was among them. Still, the sniper has yet to sign a deal with an NHL team. Is it money? Is the player being picky? Is it a lack of interest?

Hoffman’s agent came out and discussed the status of the scoring forward, saying teams are interested, but up until now, have been somewhat paralyzed by the flat cap. He notes his client has had plenty of teams reach out, but in almost all cases, adding him and the salary he’s likely to command means moving pieces first.

As per a post by Adam Vigan on The Athletic, Robert Hooper, Hoffman’s agent, explained interest “has been very strong.” He adds, “The feedback on him has been very positive. It’s just a matter of making it fit.” He even went so far as to suggest that both Hoffman and the teams that are interested might have no qualms about waiting until the NHL decides what’s happening with next season. If true, Hoffman might stay on the free agent list for some time.

Hoffman Is Trying to Be a Bit Flexible

Like Taylor Hall, who was forced left with few choices but to sign a one-year, $8 million contract with the Buffalo Sabres, Hoffman understands a one-year contract is his best bet to get the money he’s looking for. And, his agent says he’s willing.

At the end of that one year deal, Hoffman will likely be near the top of the list of available forwards and if he finds the right situation, one where he can virtually guarantee another 30-goal season, he should get paid, even if next offseason proves to be tighter on the purse strings for teams than this one.

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