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Pacioretty Slams Montreal Market While Addressing Vegas Trade Rumors

Max Pacioretty addressed rumors of a possible trade out of Vegas and in doing so, sort of slammed the Montreal hockey market.

Trade rumors are nothing new for NHL forward Max Pacioretty. There were plenty of them swirling around Montreal for a few months before he was finally traded prior to the 2018-19 season. So, to hear is name pop up again is nothing new.

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Talk of trading players is also nothing new in Montreal. Hockey-mad markets like that one will see players names bandied about over and over, especially when the team or the player is struggling. It’s part of the deal when you play in cities like this — they love you when you’re great and they want you gone when you’re not.

Despite the positives and negatives that come with trade speculation, not too often will you see a player take a shot at the market they used to play in when addressing new rumors with their new team that they might be moved. Such is what Pacioretty did this week when he was asked to comment on rumors that the Vegas Golden Knights might be willing to trade him to solve their salary cap issues.

As per David Schoen of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Pacioretty noted he’s unconcerned about whatever rumors exist about a potential trade. He said, “I played in Montreal for 10 years, so this is lightweight stuff.” Hinting that it would be hard for things to get worse than they did the last time he was dealt, he added, “I’ve heard a lot worse…This is nothing.” Pacioretty was eventually dealt to Vegas in September 2018 for Nick Suzuki, Tomas Tatar, and a second-round pick.

Max Pacioretty trade talk Golden Knights

Still Not Over What Went Down?

Unlike in Montreal, where there was some confusion about why exactly Pacioretty was being moved, it doesn’t seem like this time, the forward wants to go anywhere. And, even if he does, he’s not going to say much about it.

When Pacioretty was moved from one of the most glorified and historic teams in the NHL to the newest, it was because he had “requested” a trade, at least according to his then-GM Marc Bergevin. Clearly, he’s still got some lingering issues as to how all of that went down.

In 2018, Bergevin said at the Canadiens’ annual golf tournament, “He asked for a trade. I will not go into detail. But that’s a fact, yes.” Of course, Pacioretty’s agent said that the player didn’t want to be moved. It was an issue that surrounded the team that entire summer.

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