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Mathew Barzal Scores Unbelievable Goal Saturday vs. Sabres [Video]

Mathew Barzal scored what might have been the goal of the year on Saturday vs the Buffalo Sabres.

New York Islanders forward Mathew Barzal continues to amaze. In what has to be the goal of the season so far, he pots an amazing marker as he goes between his legs while fighting around a defender. It’s filthy and we thought the best thing we could do was simply let you watch it and then post some reactions, including his own, to the goal on social media.

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Some have said, “Goal of the season. Unbelievable.”, while others have noted, “Simply Sensational!” Whatever adjectives you want to use probably fit when trying to describe this goal.

Many argued that his ability to toy with the Sabres was only pouring salt in the wounds of an already lousy season for the club led by Ralph Krueger. At one point, the Sabres were up 1-0. It didn’t take long for them to be down 3-1 and Barzal looked like he could have beaten them on his own at times. The final score wound up being 5-2 in favor of the Islanders.

Barzal Described the Goal After the Game

Barzal said of the goal that it all happened pretty quick and he reacted to the defensemen trying to come over. “It’s kind of a move that you do instinctual, you kind of do it a lot in practice and then you weirdly do it in a game. So it’s a lot of instincts and just kind of be in the moment and just reacting.”

Matthew Barzal New York Islanders
Matthew Barzal New York Islanders

He said he would rank it in his top two or three in his career, but also noted that he hadn’t really watched it back closely at the time he was asked to rank it. Something tells us he may change his mind. Something also tells us this may not be the last goal of the year type marker he gets in his career.

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