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Maple Leafs’ Zach Hyman Leaves Teammate William Nylander Hanging

After the Maple Leafs Saturday night game against the Flames, after Zach Hyman’s goal he left William Nylander hanging. What gives?

When Zach Hyman second the Toronto Maple Leafs’ second goal of the game, he did everything right. He came down full speed to the goalie’s left. When Morgan Rielly took two Calgary Flames’ players out with a collision, instead of shooting on net from the short side, Hyman completely circled the net and – giving himself enough separation – he threw a shot past the befuddled David Rittich for insurance in the team’s 2-0 win in their second game of the two-game series on Saturday night.

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Watch the YouTube Video of Hyman’s Goal

Hyman Hits the Goal, But Misses the Celebration

But then, during the celebration, that’s where Hyman completely missed his “shot” at a well-practiced celebration. As he engaged the line-up of celebratory Maple Leafs’ teammates, Hyman totally missed William Nylander’s hand when it came to the traditional high five that typically goes with such a celebration.

Is this something the twosome needs to practice more? Or, was it a snub? During an interview on Monday – a couple of days after the game – Nylander was still laughing about getting snubbed by Hyman on the high-five.

Nylander Talks about the High Five (and more)

Next Time Nylander Will Give Hyman a Sign that He’s Ready

As Hyman noted, he was just waiting there with his hand up and Hyman completely missed him. Still, Nylander isn’t holding a grudge – just perhaps wondering how Hyman could be so good with his hands when he’s got a puck on his stick and so bad with his hands when he’s doing a high five.

About the high five, Nylander noted that “next time I’ll let him know that I’m ready for it.”

About the goal, Nylander said that Hyman made a great play when he took it to the net then curled around to score the goal. As Nylander also clearly noted: “We needed that win and that (goal) made it even harder for Calgary to push back.”

As Maple Leafs’ fans, there’s always hope that the twosome gets lots of practice celebrating goals between them. Maybe then they’d get it right.

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