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Maple Leafs’ Player Exit Interviews Suggest Roster Changes Likely

Reports that the player exit interviews for the Toronto Maple Leafs included blunt feedback about what the problems on the roster were.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans are left in suspense as the NHL offseason approaches, with uncertainties looming over the team’s roster and management. The recent news of General Manager Kyle Dubas not being offered an extension is all anyone can seem to talk about, followed closely by what might happen with the players on the team that will have to make tough choices over the next couple of summers.

Adding to the drama, reports from Elliotte Friedman suggest that the team’s exit interviews that followed this past season were far from pleasant. Players were said to have been brutally honest, shedding light on the underlying issues that plagued the team’s performance. This level of candidness is reminiscent of Matthew Tkachuk’s exit interviews with the Calgary Flames, where he expressed his desire to leave the team. This has fans concerned that the nature of the interviews in Toronto suggests that significant changes may be on the horizon.

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Friedman noted, “I heard Toronto’s exit interviews were pretty tough, I heard the Toronto players were pretty blunt about what they thought was said and that’s something still to work on…he thinks some of the players were really blunt about why it didn’t work”. The suggestion here is that some of these players want changes and there have been names identified in these meetings of players who probably shouldn’t be brought back. Perhaps it was coaching related. All of that remains to be seen.

That led to Friedman hinting at keeping an eye on developments over the next few weeks. Once the GM situation is resolved, further surprises could be in store for the Maple Leafs. Potential player trades and other moves could reshape the roster, especially if key players were the ones that spoke out and new management chooses to take their advice.

Who Might Be Tasked With Making the Changes Players Might Want?

In terms of potential new general managers, Friedman mentions a few notable names. Brad Treliving, most recently the GM of the Calgary Flames, has piqued Toronto’s interest. The Maple Leafs have been granted permission to speak with him and it is believed that they will, if they haven’t already. Friedman also threw out a few names of people he thought might fit the description of what Toronto is looking for, even if there hasn’t been a direct link to these names yet. They include Mike Gillis and Garth Snow. Finally, Friedman believes both Marc Bergevin and Mark Hunter will get serious consideration.

As the NHL offseason progresses, all eyes will be on the Toronto Maple Leafs, eagerly awaiting updates on player movements and the selection of a new general manager. If players start to move or are not re-signed, it will be fascinating if any connection to these “blunt” exit interviews is assumed.

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  2. gcmgome

    May 23, 2023 at 10:07 am

    The first order of business for the Leafs is to put together four lines that can be rolled game in and game out. At the same time think of tweaking the D corps to make it tougher.
    A team with 4 powder puff, albeit highly skilled forwards, who are incapable of sticking up for themselves needs an enforcer. Find a tough guy that can also play hockey and take a regular bottom six shift.
    Say what you will about these priorities but all of them address glaring deficiencies of the 2022-23 Leafs’ season and especially the post season.

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