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Maple Leafs Injury News: Frederik Andersen = Good; Nick Foligno = Bad

Frederik Andersen and Nick Foligno are both out of the Toronto Maple Leafs active roster. What’s the status for each of them for the future?

In a nutshell, the Toronto Maple Leafs’ injury news on Frederik Andersen is good; but, the injury news on Nick Foligno is bad. In a Sportsnet video made on Wednesday, Shawn McKenzie and Chris Johnston reported the organization’s plan for goalie Frederik Andersen. At the same time, the twosome reported that newcomer Nick Foligno would miss more games for the Maple Leafs.

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The Plan for Andersen

Today Frederik Andersen took part in a full practice, which was good news for the team. As Shawn McKenzie noted, “we didn’t necessarily know what the future held for Fred Anderson for the next couple weeks or even the next month or so. We now have a little bit more clarity.”

McKenzie added that Maple Leafs’ head coach Sheldon Keefe told the media on Wednesday that the team now had a “clear plan” for Andersen’s return to the Maple Leafs.

Frederik Andersen Maple Leafs
Frederik Andersen, Maple Leafs NHL

Chris Johnston outlined that path. The plan is that Andersen will get another practice under his belt, and then he’s headed to the American Hockey League on a conditioning loan. There he’ll play for the Toronto Marlies at least half the game on Thursday afternoon against the Manitoba Moose. Johnston then added that “the Leafs’ and the Marlies’ training staff can reassess him from there.”

Johnston then shared the policy that governs player loans to the AHL. He noted, “the way these loans work is that you can play up to three games in the AHL (or) spend up to six days there before having to come back.”

Johnston then speculated that Andersen probably wouldn’t stay “down there” that much or that long; however, it did suggest to him that the team would try to get him in a Maple Leafs’ game next week because the team had two more games at the end of the regular season before entering the playoffs.

The News about Foligno

Johnston then went on to say that it was “not as good news for Nick Foligno.” He added that Foligno would “miss at least these next two games for the Leafs – Thursday and Saturday – (but as of yet there was) no commitment beyond that point.”

Johnston then added that the problem was that Foligno had only played five games with the team since coming in a trade with the Columbus Blue Jackets. And, even if Foligno could come back early next week, there were only two games before the playoffs. That’s hardly a recipe for playoff readiness.

Johnston noted that coach Keefe believed Foligno had “found a comfort level with his teammates.” However, the situation isn’t idea because it’s not the best way to prepare him for that playoff run the Maple Leafs were planning to make.

Nick Foligno, Maple Leafs

Johnston did note the good news. The injury isn’t considered more serious because “it was kind of mysterious circumstances” that caused the injury. However, the injury didn’t look as if had anything to do with the injury that predated Foligno’s trade to Toronto.

The Maple Leafs are calling Foligno “day-to-day,” so obviously there’s a chance he’ll be back next week before the playoffs. Although “the playoffs are fast approaching, we still have a little bit of runway left in the Maple Leaf season,” Johnston noted.

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