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Maple Leafs Auston Matthews “Shock & Awe” Cover for EA NHL 22

Auston Matthews is one of the brightest young stars in the NHL. The Toronto Maple Leafs center was just revealed to be the cover of NHL 22.

Auston Matthews was just revealed as the new cover player for EA’s NHL 22. It’s the second time that Matthews has been chosen to be the box-cover athlete for an EA game. He had been previously chosen to be on the NHL 20 cover.

What’s interesting about this version of the game – according to the announcement – is that NHL 22 is a game that has focused on separating the superstars from the rest of the league. As a result, it seems perfect that the cover would feature one of the NHL’s brightest young stars – and one who skated away with the Rocket Richard Trophy last season when he scored 41 goals in on 52 games. It was the first time Matthews had led the NHL in goal-scoring in his five-year career.

Matthews quite appreciated the honor, noting that “I think it’s a good cover. Not many people get to be on the cover of the video game. I consider myself pretty lucky,” he told ESPN. “I think it’s going to be a pretty sweet game.”

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A Look at Matthews Preparations for the Cover Shoot

Matthews’ Has Greater Powers in NHL 22

In speaking about what makes NHL 22 different, NHL 22 producer Clement Kwong noted: “We’re trying to re-create superstars in a way that’s authentic to hockey.”

As a further change to the game, in NHL 22, EA Sports has made the league’s best players quite a bit more than their ability ratings. The game has created two different tiers of abilities: “zone” and “superstar.” These “superstar” abilities are less powerful. About 100 players in the game have been given multiple powers.

However, “zone” abilities are given to NHL players who are thought to be truly elite. These are those NHL players who are seen to possess game-changing talents. Because these players are so powerful within the game, only one is assigned to each eligible player.

Matthews’ Power Called Shock and Awe

Matthews’ zone ability has been named “Shock & Awe.” It tries to mirror his great shooting power and accuracy as he’s coming out of a deke move before he shoots. Is specifically mimics his curl and drag shot. In that way, NHL 22 is much like the world of the real NHL. Both in NHL 22 and on a real NHL ice surface, Matthews’ defenders simply learn to become more aware when Matthews is in action.

On the ice or in the game, Matthews is a threat.

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