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Leafs’ Writer Irks Canadiens Fans w/ William Nylander Trade Idea

When talking about trade ideas for William Nylander, one idea coming out of Montreal was a non-starter for Canadiens fans.

As the 2023-24 NHL season approaches, trade rumors surrounding William Nylander of the Toronto Maple Leafs have started and continued to swirl, some of the ideas being tossed out there are pretty wild. While it remains uncertain whether Nylander will commit to a new deal with the Maple Leafs or explore free agency, Toronto’s determination to pursue a Stanley Cup championship this season is undeniable. This commitment to success has led to discussions about the possibility of trading Nylander, should the right offer materialize. If not, the chances are they keep him since he offers a ton of value and production as the team tries to win.

Although trade talks are still in the realm of speculation, numerous insiders, media figures, and fans have weighed in on what a potential trade might entail, which teams could be interested, and what the Maple Leafs might demand in return.

The most recent addition to this discourse comes from journalist Michael Traikos, a former National Post writer who previously covered the Maple Leafs. During an appearance on the Canadiens Connection podcast, Traikos shared his prediction and theory regarding a potential trade between the Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. He emphasized that the asking price for Nylander would be exorbitant, and he mentioned specific players who might be part of the discussion if Canadiens General Manager Kent Hughes pursued the Swedish forward.

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These players include Cole Caufield, Juraj Slafkovsky, and Kaiden Guhle. Traikos’ remarks immediately ignited fervent reactions among Canadiens fans, particularly concerning the inclusion of Cole Caufield. Caufield is not only considered a cornerstone player for the Canadiens’ future success but he’s also become a beloved figure among the fan base since his NHL debut.

The Canadiens Need to Protect Their Young Stars

While there might be arguments for considering Guhle or Slafkovsky in a potential trade, it raises questions about the value of retaining these promising young talents. For Kent Hughes, the Canadiens’ GM, making a trade decision isn’t solely about securing a good deal; it’s also about demonstrating faith in the development and growth of important players. Trading them away for a flashy new acquisition could convey a complex and potentially troubling message.

Even Traikos himself acknowledged the fervor his comments generated, as he took to Twitter to comment on the reaction: “The reaction to my appearance on the Canadiens Connection Podcast is causing a stir.”

As the NHL offseason progresses and the 2023-24 season draws nearer, the speculation surrounding William Nylander’s future and potential trades will undoubtedly continue. But, will people actually come up with reasonable trade proposals? Or, will suggestions hover around teams and their most talented young pieces, many of which are going to be deemed untouchable?

To be fair, Traikos wasn’t suggesting talks had occurred between the Habs and Maple Leafs, nor was he suggesting this type of offer was on the table. Still, even suggesting someone like Caufield would be part of any discussion was a non-starter for Canadiens fans.

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