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Kypreos Apologizes, Shea Weber Ready to Return?

It appears as though concerns over Shea Weber’s career being in jeopardy were incorrect as he was practicing with the team on Monday.

Last week, it was reported that there were serious concerns about defenseman Shea Weber’s injury situation. Reports surfaced that early estimations on the severity of his injury might be inaccurate and that he could be out longer than expected.

As concerns grew, some had even questioned whether or not the injury was going to threaten Weber’s career. On February 12, Nick Kypreos tweeted:

Sources say Shea Weber injury has his season likely over and his future in question. Told injury is related to foot that was surgically repaired in 2018. While waiting for swelling to alleviate and further confirmation, surgery seemed unavoidable going into this week.

Immediately following that tweet, the Canadiens shot down those rumors and said they didn’t expect Weber to miss more than four-to-six weeks, at most. Apparently, Weber has other ideas.

On Monday there were reports Weber was practicing with the team already and could back as Eric Engels of Sportsnet wrote, ” Weber was given a 4-6 week timeline to recover from an ankle sprain as of last Wednesday. He’s practising alongside regular partner Ben Chiarot right now.”

Further reports suggested that Weber wanted to be in the lineup for the Canadiens on Tuesday.

Weber told media after the practice, “My goal is to get back as soon as possible and when I feel I can help the team and at this point I feel good enough to help out and we’ll just keep going that way.”

Kypreos Apologizes

Kypreos has since apologized for his earlier and what seems to be inaccurate report, writing:

To Shea Weber and the Montreal Canadiens organization. Last week I sent out a tweet to further advance the story of Shea’s injury.
While I was able to properly identify his injured foot and speak of the swelling while awaiting further confirmation, it was not my intent to mislead anyone about his immediate future. My primary objective was to report on the Canadiens serious concerns going into the week.
After time to reflect, I understand how portions of my tweet added unnecessary stress to Shea, his family and the team.
While I still stand by the information that I received, I’d like to apologize to Shea and the @canadiensmtl for not choosing my words with more sensitivity. I wish Shea a speedy recovery.
Nick Kypreos

Either Weber is a machine or some kind of mutant with Wolverine-like powers, or people jumped the gun on his report before knowing what they needed to. In their defense, Weber did say that there were timelines on things and wasn’t able to explain why he feels so ahead of schedule. “You’ll have to talk to the doctors about that” he said.

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