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Joe Thornton Comments on Retirement Rumors

Joe Thornton has commented on rumors that he may retire if the NHL season is over for his San Jose Sharks.

While the TSN Insider panelists talked about NHL players getting together in group chats to come up with solutions to help guide the NHL through finishing a season, holding playoffs and starting their next season, Pierre LeBrun of TSN mentioned he had good news regarding one of these players.

LeBrun reached out to Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks and noted that while everyone, including Thornton, is aware that no scenario for NHL playoffs this season will include the Sharks, there is other news worth sharing. More specifically, personal news about the future of Joe Thornton in the NHL.

According to some rumors, an end to the Sharks season possibly means an end to Joe Thornton’s NHL career. He’s getting older, slower and his one-year contracts are worth less and less each season. At one point, there was a chance Thornton was willing to waive his no-trade clause to go to a Stanley Cup contender and word was, he was disappointed when that didn’t happen.

So, it’s only natural to wonder if an end to this season would have Jumbo Joe thinking about hanging up the skates. He commented on those rumors.

LeBrun asked Thornton directly if he was planning on playing next season, Thornton responded with a text saying, “I’ve got years left.” I suppose there’s no way to provide a more clearer response than that.

So, for people thinking Thornton is leaving the NHL, it’s not happening. But, will Thornton stay with the Sharks? That’s an entirely different question.

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