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Jericho Says He Won’t Work Independent Shows In the U.S.

Chris Jericho won’t be showing up at any independent wrestling shows in the U.S. anytime soon.

For fans who wanted to see Chris Jericho wrestle for Impact or a NJPW show in the U.S., don’t hold your breath. Jericho has said that he will absolutely not wrestle for anyone but WWE in the United States simply because he refuses to slap Vince McMahon in the face with such a decision.

Jericho is a very smart and calculated business person. While he’s making big money appearances for New Japan Pro Wrestling in Japan, he’s keeping his relationship with WWE is good standing and promoting his own Jericho cruise all allowing him to make the most money he’s ever made for working the least he’s ever worked. He sees no reason to jeopardize that situation.

During an interview with Inside the Ropes, Jericho discussed his current situation and made some very interesting comments.

Jericho said when asked if he would ever consider doing New Japan shows in the United States, “I got asked to do Long Beach and I said no, I got asked us to do All In and I said no. You should see how many promoters have contacted me over the last six months”. He added that he’s picking his spots and making sure each appearance has a good reason and nice payday at the end of it. He said, “it’s a calculated big money proposition for me” and that it would take at least six figures for him to even consider breaking his own unwritten rule.

“This is Mayweather/McGregor type sh^& for me,” Jericho explained. He has to keep his value high and keep his options open. Working in the U.S. for a company like Impact, at the All In show, for G1 or other shows where indie promoters want to take advantage of his flexible contract situation won’t have any luck landing him.”I always felt like the unwritten rule was that I don’t want to go into the states. I felt that would be a real slap in the face to Vince.”

For Jericho, this is WWE or NJPW in Japan or bust.

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