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Jacob Markstrom Wants to Stay With Canucks

Jacob Markstrom says he’d like to stay with the Vancouver Canucks and knows that while his contract is insignificant to what’s going on in the world, he’d like to know where he’ll be playing.

Goaltender Jacob Markstrom isn’t ignorant to the fact that the world’s current climate amidst a global pandemic is far more important than the dollars and cents that might come with his next contract in the NHL. “With all the other stuff, hockey has kind of become not so important with everything going on around the world,” Markstrom told reporters in a conference call from Sweden on Wednesday.

Still, fans in Vancouver would love to see a solution between the Canucks and Markstrom when it comes to a new contract that would keep him in the same uniform he donned last season. He would too.

He was asked about a new contract when speaking to reporters, including Iain MacIntyre of Sportsnet. His response:

“Obviously, I would have liked to have a long-term deal and know what I’m going to do for the next few years here. But that’s not the case right now. Nobody knows what’s going to happen this year. Hopefully, we get back playing. Even next year, and cap hits and all that stuff, hockey is kind of secondary.” was on a conference call with reporters yesterday and explained that he wants to “stay in Vancouver” and has “no plans of leaving.”

Markstrom has been at the center of conversations surrounding the team for months. His incredible Vezina-like season — one that saw him post a 23-16-4 record and .918 save percentage — has insiders saying he’s potentially the main reason the Canucks were possibly a playoff team as the season hit the pause button. The Canucks want to sign him. Essentially, they need to sign him.

The good news is, he wants to stay. He noted:

“In my mind, I want to stay in Vancouver. That’s my goal. The season isn’t over this year, either. I’m still hoping we can come back and play and make a push in the playoffs here. It’s going to be tough to get fans in the building, but give the people and city of Vancouver something to cheer for. That’s pretty much 100 per cent of my mindset. I’m still a Vancouver Canuck and I’m super proud of being it. I have no plans of leaving.”

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