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Jacob Markstrom Negotiations With Canucks Not Progressing

TSN’s Bob McKenzie is reporting that talks between the Vancouver Canucks and goaltender Jacob Markstrom aren’t going all that well.

According the TSNs Bob McKenzie, on the most recent episode of TSN Insider Trading, talks between goaltender Jacob Markstrom and the Vancouver Canucks haven’t gone swimmingly.

When host Jamies Duthie asked what Markstrom is going to cost the Canucks, McKenzie responded:

“It’s really interesting and they’re trying to determine that right now. There have been negotiations between Markstrom’s camp and the Vancouver Canucks but from what I can tell, even though neither Pat Morris, the agent for Markstrom, or general manger Jim Benning want to talk publicly at all about this — they want to keep a lockdown on basically all information — is that it doesn’t seem like they’re close.”

McKenzie added that all the back-and-forth talks haven’t yielded the two sides getting closer or any sort of deal, or an agreement being imminent.

Part of the issue for the Canucks is the term. McKenzie suggests Markstrom would like five years but could settle for four, while the Canucks want three years but could offer four to get a deal done. And, Markstrom would have an argument considering the Canucks gave a lot of players who make less of an impact four-year deals.

The Canucks also have to worry about the annual average salary as the team would like to keep the deal under $6 million per season. Clearly, as one of the better goalies in the league this season, the going rate would see Markstrom make that much or more.

Finally, expansion draft plans could play a factor, changing things like the Canucks offer no-trade or no-move clauses as part of the deal. If the Canucks don’t offer protection, perhaps Markstrom is less flexible on what he’s willing to settle for.

At the end of the day, McKenzie says he understands why Canucks fans might be getting a bit nervous. Markstrom has been arguably the Canucks’ best player and he’s still not signed and the situation could be one that gets messier before it gets better.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. harpdog

    February 14, 2020 at 9:37 am

    There is Good ole Bob stirring the pot again. Sticking his nose in and creating tension for his own gain. Here is what Bob did not answer. First off there is plenty of time to sign him. They have to clear cap space first but they want to get rid of dead weight but they can’t do that yet until they can either make a trade of release someone at the end of the season. Markstrom has had one good season and that is it. To put him at the top of a goaltender list is premature and in reality the season isn’t over, the team has won nothing in his days with them and There are plenty of GM games yet to be played. Why worry Bob, is it also a contract time for u too

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