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Idris Elba Joins Cast of Hobbs and Shaw

Idris Elba has just signed on to be the villain in the new “Hobbs and Shaw” film.

Already a highly-anticipated film, “Hobbs and Shaw,” the “Fast and Furious” spinoff film starring big-time action stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham just got way more appealing as Idris Elba is in final negotiations to play the main villain. Johnson tweeted, “He’s a baaaaaad man. Welcoming my dude with tattooed and open arms to our Fast & Furious spin-off movie. Every hero is only as good as their villain. Cue the music… let’s dance.”

The Fast and Furious franchise was already one of the most profitable movie franchises in the past decade and with the popularity of Johnson these days, every film he’s in seems to be a huge hit. Adding Statham and Elba to his film all but guarantees another winner.

The film is set to be directed by David Leitch – the man behind Deadpool 2 – and has Johnson and Statham playing familiar characters to fans of the Furious franchise, Luke Hobbs and criminal mastermind Deckard Shaw, respectively. But, unlike past films where Hobbs and Shaw and often at odds, in this film, the two nearly unstoppable forces will have to go up against an enemy unlike any they’ve ever encountered. Elba is slated to play the worst of the worst.

The spinoff film was always in the back of the mind of those behind the Furious franchise and with the death of Paul Walker, it seemed like an obvious time to take two very popular characters and tell their own stories. That said, doing so hasn’t come without controversy. Tyrese Gibson has been vocal about his issues with the Furious franchise being put on hold so the spinoff can be made.

It was also recently announced that “The Crown’s” Vanessa Kirby would be joining the cast of the film as well.

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