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Hoffman’s Agent Says Player Has Tons of Patience

Reports are that Mike Hoffman is prepared to stay patient and wait for a deal that fits his expectations during free agency.

Mike Hoffman NHL free agent

As per a report on Thursday’s TSN Insider Trading video, when it comes to forward Mike Hoffman, the agent and the player aren’t sweating the fact it’s been three weeks since NHL free agency opened and Hoffman still isn’t signed to a new deal. Instead, LeBrun reports that Hoffman and his camp are totally prepared to stay patient and wait for a deal that fits their expectations heading into the opening of the market.

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In fact, it sounds like both the agent and the player are willing to wait until next season begins, if they need to.

Key to their patience is the fact they believe potential suitors will “circle back” once teams clear up salary or place roster players on Long-Term Injured Reserve. When they do so, they’ll have available funds to spend and Hoffman will be the first guy a few teams call. LeBrun listed teams like the Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers, and St. Louis Blues as potential suitors where a sceario like this could play out. Of these teams, only the Bruins could afford Hoffman now, but that would make for a sticky situation with, restricted free agent forward Jake DeBrusk.

Hoffman is also confident, should teams not present themselves once clearing up space, that teams who have shown interest will eventually up their offers. Among those teams who have called, but not offered Hoffman what he’s looking to make, are the Nashville Predators and Florida Panthers.

Mike Hoffman Florida Panthers
Mike Hoffman Florida Panthers

Sounds Like There’s No Discount in Hoffman’s Future

The one thing that seems clear from this report is that Hoffman isn’t prepared to take a deal despite a flat cap and fewer choices. He’s confident in what he’s worth, his agent seems confident they can get what they’re looking for and both are confident a favorable scenario will eventually present itself.

When you’re the highest goal-scoring forward available in free agency, I suppose that offers the luxury to be a bit more patient.

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