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Golden Knights Sign Chandler Stephenson to 4-Yr Extension

The Vegas Golden Knights are signing Chandler Stephenson to a 4-year contract worth $11 million.

Making the salary cap situation even more interesting out of Vegas, the Golden Knights are apparently on the verge of signing Chandler Stephenson to an $11 million extension over a four-year period.

Elliotte Friedman broke the news, but Jess Granger confirmed a minute later, saying, “Can confirm the Golden Knights are signing Chandler Stephenson to a 4-year contract worth $11 million. $2.75 million AAV for Stephenson.”

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The Washington Capitals traded Stephenson to Vegas last season and after his arrival, put up 22 points in 41 regular-season games. He added three goals and two assists in 20 postseason contests.

The 26-year-old forward’s contract breaks down in the following way:

  • Yr 1: $1.625M Salary –
  • Yr 2: $3.025M Salary –
  • Yr 3: $3.125M Salary –
  • Yr 4: $3.225M Salary

Immediate reactions to news is mixed. Some are saying that a $2.75 AAV for a player who can play center or wing throughout our lineup is a fair deal. Others are calling the contract a bit too pricy. What most people seem to be commenting on is where the Golden Knights are getting their cap space from.

The Golden Knights are rumored to be active in their attempts to move Marc-Andre Fleury’s contract and so far, having no luck. They’re also rumored to be in the conversation when it comes to Alex Pietrangelo. But, how they’ll have room to do everything they want to and continue to make moves is catching more than a few people off guard.

The team is well over the $81.5 million cap with spots on the roster to yet fill and obvious changes coming.

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